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Re: Font Problem

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On Wednesday 24 Jul 2002 1:08 pm, Chris Halls wrote:
> Nope, they disabled the patent stuff.  That's why I started looking at it.
> You can achieve the same affect by using the system library with
> LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libfreetype.so openoffice
> but you'll probably find your bullets stop working.

Ok, that makes the interface fonts look much better, but it breaks the bullets 
like you say, they wont even work when i add the opensymbol font to my main 
system fonts.

The OO freetype library should really be compiled according to the rules on 
patents used by the main debain distribution. I cant think of a reason for 
this not being the case. The only place that even has patents on software is 
the US, so even if it went in non_us that would be good.

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