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Re: Font Problem

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On Wednesday 24 Jul 2002 12:27 pm, Chris Halls wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 10:45:08AM +0100, Tom Badran wrote:
> > Ahh, that does work, you could use 'Interface User' as well before, i
> > forgot to try this way. It still doesnt seem to work 'well' in that i
> > used to use Arial for the interface font, and it looked very good, now it
> > looks the same as the default.
> I'm glad that works for you now.  Just explain 'Interface User' to me?  I
> don't know all functionality - I just used the information from the README.

In the font menu in the replacement fonts there is one called 'Interface User'

It is an alias for 'Andale Sans UI' and both should do the same thing. It was 
added in a recent openoffice (last release before 1.0 i believe) so that it 
was no longer a 'hidden' option.

> > This could be down to my freetype libraries but i believe
> > thoses are _properly_ configured in debian.
> The freetype library is internal to OOo.  This has come up several times in
> the past.  I tried to use the Debian version, but had to revert the change
> due to breakage in the OpenSymbol font, which is used for bullets, and lack
> of time to fix it.

Ahh, i thought it would use the system freetype library. Is the one in OO 
compiled with the same options (i.e ignoring apples patent nonsense) as the 
system library? It seems to render fonts slightly worse than the system 
freetype, they look more blurred to me.


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