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Re: close bug #154032

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 06:11:00AM +0200, Jerome Warnier wrote:
> Some bugs could be closed in the BTS, like #154032.

Erm, yes you're right, thanks for the reminder :)

Are you, or anyone else on the list, in a position to help with managing
bugs, particlarly those that need upstream attention, such as 148506.  Bugs
like this need to be tested on a 'vanilla' upstream version first, to make
sure that the .debs do not cause the problems themselves, and then taken to
the upstream Issuezilla.  Others, such as 150738, need to ping the submitter
and close if necessary.

An occasional extra hand with these from someone would help improve the
overall response time for bugs, and I'd be grateful for the help.


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