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Re: Perhaps stupid request

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 08:53:51PM +0100, Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> Hi ... 
> >> build those things) and what doesn't.  That's what I want.
> >The Problem is, that there is currently only the one large build-script
> >from the OpenOffice.org guys. This is like the code an very large
> >moloch, on which altars any readability and debugability was sacrified.
> I in doubt, that some people at Sun unstand the hole buildsystem for
> OpenOffice.
he, he. I think there are some people at Sun who understand what there are
doing ;). Where do you see the one large build script in the OpenOffice.org
tree. Building is done by makefiles one per directory. pretty conservative.
ok, traveling with dependencies has it's own tool, build.pl to avoid the
usual problems with recursive makefiles.

> >Complicated Problems have not yet shown, the problem is to locate the
> >problems.
> :)
> There aren't BIG problems, but a lot of few ones. The most a related to
> the bisonproblem, that bison 1.33 is to new for the OpenOffice build. :(
I think the bison problems will be fixed in the OOO_STABLE_1 branch, we
will test with bison 1.28 - 1.33.

> >I'm currentlly on the long-term approach to get the OO.o source build
> >using automake and in reasonable pieces. (The source with all the 
> >documentating is only 700MB and the compiled result about 100MB, so
> >there is not much reason to need 9GB per build).
> Whats your status, splitting up the source?
> >Something that needs to be done but may need a little bit of knowledge
> >for are the external sources used. Within the "external" directory there
> >are the subdirectories:
> >atl     	pgp
> >cpp.lcc   	sane
> >dt glibc  	util
> >odbc  		ado
> >psprint 	common
> >twain  	download
> >zlib 		freetype
> >X11  		jpeg
> >audio   	npsdk
> >dmake     	prj
> >expat     	std2
> >gpc    	w4w
> >neon        
> >Someone should investigate which of them are still used, and how they
> >are patched. I think expat is still used for the whole file formats
> >and the patches seem the change the types used by the lib. (Or maybe
> >only adding some with names compatbile to sal). It would be very
> >usefull, if someone would go there and look how the libraries within
> >Debian can be used, so that we need not ship these libs two times.)
> I would say, the most of them are build in the bootstrap-prozess. So it
> should be possible to get rid off the bootprozess and build OpenOffice
> directly.
if you take a look onto the last builds, you will see that most of them 
are not builded anymore. Our goal is to only to have dmake , stlport and the 
soltools module in the bootstrap process. all the other tools  are in the
meantime perlscripts, so that there is no need anymore to have that large
bootstrap process as we had it in 638.

> 	Regards
> 		Jan
> >Hochachtungsvoll,
> >	Bernhard R. Link

Martin Hollmichel

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