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1 Easy Mature Seductionn Technique You Need to Know Now - Discover the Magic of Powerful Persuasion Accepted calendar 2.01.1-4 (source all amd64) Accepted calendar 2.01.1-5 (source all i386) alt-ergo_0.8-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED alt-ergo 0.8-1 MIGRATED to testing [bts-link] source package ocaml Bug#256900: marked as done (ocaml: Ocaml compiled programs cannot be stripped, hence either don't work or violate policy) Bug#286456: Man page no longer maintained? Bug#332324: We have lists tailored specifically for your type of business Bug#396437: marked as done (should be possible to override auto mode) Bug#422917: Our lists are good to promote your kind of business Bug#472763: Why pay thousands for a marketing list Bug#505045: marked as done (FTBFS with GCC 4.4: attempt to free a non-heap object 'buffer') Bug#505210: marked as done (ocaml-sqlite3: New function : caml_sqlite3_enable_load_extension) Bug#505490: marked as done (ocaml-batteries_0.20081112+gitBB342A7-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: Failure: Cannot find "ocamlbuildlib.cmxa") Bug#507567: advi: New Upstream Version 1.7.3 available Bug#507567: Bug#286456: Man page no longer maintained? Bug#515792: marked as done (Missing build-dep on ocamlnet) Bug#516829: marked as done (Http double slash request arbitrary file access vulnerability) Bug#521870: [libinotify-ocaml-dev] Bad string length Bug#521870: marked as done ([libinotify-ocaml-dev] Bad string length) Bug#522008: marked as done (omake: FTBFS with ocaml 3.11.0) Bug#522035: marked as done (mldonkey-server: No log messages written to either /var/log or syslog) Bug#522035: mldonkey-server: No log messages written to either /var/log or syslog Bug#522035: You Won Bug#522440: conflicts with libwhy-coq Bug#522440: marked as done (conflicts with libwhy-coq) Bug#522504: jocaml - FTBFS: dh_install: jocaml missing files (usr/bin/jocamlopt*), aborting Bug#522504: marked as done (jocaml - FTBFS: dh_install: jocaml missing files (usr/bin/jocamlopt*), aborting) Bug#522831: dh-ocaml: it should be possible to automatically calulate runtime dependencies Bug#522831: dh-ocaml: it should be possible to automatically calulate runtime dependencies Re: Bug#522831: dh-ocaml: it should be possible to automatically calulate runtime dependencies Bug#522900: postinst mhdonkey creates unusable configuration Bug#523614: marked as done (pkglab_1.3-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ No such file or directory) Bug#523614: pkglab_1.3-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ No such file or directory Bug#524017: gcc: /usr/lib/ocaml/3.11.0/zip/zip.a: No such file or directory Bug#524017: marked as done (gcc: /usr/lib/ocaml/3.11.0/zip/zip.a: No such file or directory) Bug#524036: ocaml-theora: typo in long description Bug#524037: libcoq-ocaml-dev: homepage address duplicated into long description Bug#524054: libwhy-coq: the long description isn't really descriptive Bug#524247: cryptokit_1.3-11(mips/unstable): Bug#524247: marked as done (cryptokit_1.3-11(mips/unstable):) Bug#524447: [INTL:es] Spanish debconf template translation for mldonkey Bug#524475: wishlist: include brief syntax reference in man page Bug#524526: unison: Incomplete manpage Bug#524560: marked as done (mldonkey-server: postinst does not pass --debconf-ok to ucf) Bug#524560: mldonkey-server: postinst does not pass --debconf-ok to ucf Bug#525202: mldonkey-server: ucf warning message when installing Bug#526221: debhelper: Please fix permissions of OCaml native-code shared objects calendar_2.01.1-4_amd64.changes REJECTED calendar_2.01.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED calendar_2.01.1-5_i386.changes REJECTED camlzip_1.04-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED camlzip_1.04-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED coccinelle_0.1.6.deb+a-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED coccinelle_0.1.6.deb+a-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED coccinelle_0.1.7.deb-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED coccinelle_0.1.7.deb-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cryptokit_1.3-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED cryptokit_1.3-12_amd64.changes REJECTED cryptokit_1.3-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED GCC 4.4 run-time license and non-GPLv3 compilers incompatible changes in unison? jocaml_3.11.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED jocaml_3.11.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED jocaml 3.11.0-3 MIGRATED to testing jocaml override disparity liquidsoap_0.9.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED liquidsoap 0.9.0-1 MIGRATED to testing mldonkey_2.9.5-2+lenny1_amd64.changes INSTALLED into Stable New comparison between Ubuntu's Karmic Koala and Debian's Sid new virtual package: "readline-editor" nurpawiki_1.2.2-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED nurpawiki 1.2.2-3 MIGRATED to testing OCaml 3.11 is in testing! ocaml-batteries 0.20090405+beta1-1 MIGRATED to testing Re: ocaml-batteries override disparity ocaml-inotify_0.9-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-pulseaudio_0.1.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-pulseaudio_0.1.0-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-pulseaudio 0.1.0-2 MIGRATED to testing ocaml-pulseaudio override disparity ocaml-samplerate_0.1.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-samplerate 0.1.0-1 MIGRATED to testing ocaml-sqlite3_1.4.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-sqlite3 1.4.0-1 MIGRATED to testing ocaml-sqlite3 override disparity ocaml-theora_0.1.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-theora_0.1.0-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-theora_0.1.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-theora 0.1.1-1 MIGRATED to testing OCaml transition ready (?)... omake_0.9.8.5-3-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED omake_0.9.8.5-3-5_amd64.changes is NEW omake MIGRATED to testing Pending OCaml-related packaging changes... pkglab_1.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED pkglab_1.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: [Pkg-ocaml-maint-commits] r6358 - in /trunk/packages/advi: old/ trunk/README trunk/debian/ upstream/ Processed: [bts-link] source package ocaml Processed: closing 504224 Processed: Closing bug fixed by new upstream release Processed: fixed 524560 in 3.0.0-1 Processed: fixed 525202 in 3.0.0-1 Processed: forcibly merging 524560 525202 Processed: Re: Bug#524560: mldonkey-server: postinst does not pass --debconf-ok to ucf Processed: setting package to libzip-ocaml camlzip libzip-ocaml-dev, tagging 524017 Processed: setting package to omake-doc omake, tagging 522008, tagging 505045 Processed: setting package to why-examples libjessie-ocaml-dev libwhy-coq why, tagging 524054 Processed: severity of 491566 is wishlist Processed: severity of 517240 is important Processed: tagging 518666 Processed: tagging 522440 Processed: tagging 522504 Processed: tagging 524036 Processed: tagging 524037 Processed: tagging 524447 Processed: tags Processed: Update submitter address for my bugs Processing of calendar_2.01.1-4_amd64.changes Processing of calendar_2.01.1-5_i386.changes Processing of camlzip_1.04-3_i386.changes Processing of camlzip_1.04-4_amd64.changes Processing of coccinelle_0.1.6.deb+a-2_amd64.changes Processing of coccinelle_0.1.6.deb+a-3_amd64.changes Processing of coccinelle_0.1.7.deb-1_amd64.changes Processing of coccinelle_0.1.7.deb-2_amd64.changes Processing of cryptokit_1.3-11_i386.changes Processing of cryptokit_1.3-12_amd64.changes Processing of cryptokit_1.3-12_i386.changes Processing of jocaml_3.11.0-2_i386.changes Processing of jocaml_3.11.0-3_i386.changes Processing of liquidsoap_0.9.0-1_amd64.changes Processing of nurpawiki_1.2.2-3_amd64.changes Processing of ocaml-inotify_0.9-1_amd64.changes Processing of ocaml-pulseaudio_0.1.0-2_amd64.changes Processing of ocaml-sqlite3_1.4.0-1_i386.changes Processing of omake_0.9.8.5-3-5_amd64.changes Processing of pkglab_1.4-1_i386.changes Processing of pkglab_1.4-2_i386.changes Processing of why_2.18.dfsg-2_amd64.changes Removal of felix from Debian? why_2.18.dfsg-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED why 2.18.dfsg-2 MIGRATED to testing Your Account Was BBanned The last update was on 12:21 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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