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Re: repo setup for git-buildpackage

Eric Cooper wrote:
> Thank you very much, Stéphane.  That looks much better than my
> attempt, so I've copied it to the official (pkg-ocaml-maint/packages)
> location and will push further development there.  Feel free to remove
> your test/ copy.

What do you mean by "copy"? Did you use the new-d-o-m-git-repo script?
It doesn't seem so. To push a new repos to the team's location, the
new-d-o-m-git-repo is preferred since it takes care of permissions (with
all files belonging to you as they do now, others may experience trouble
while pushing) and sets up notifications.

The proper course of action would be to remove approx.git from /git/...,
 and in a freshly cloned repo, do a "new-d-o-m-git-repo approx".

> Now, can someone explain the benefit to using pristine-tar in this
> situation? [...]

I would say none at first...

> [...] The repo has the upstream source, and git-buildpackage can
> build the orig.tar.gz from it, so where does pristine-tar come in?
> I'm sure I'm missing something very basic ...

I don't think you are missing anything... Pristine-tar is relevant when
there is an upstream tarball.

Actually, you can still use directly pristine-tar (see the man page) on
a tarball generated by git-buildpackage. The only benefit I can think of
is to ensure that one can still checkout from the repo the .orig.tar.gz
that is in the archive, which may be a good idea after all. pristine-tar
data will most likely not be too big in the case of approx.



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