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Re: other META: lablgl, lablgtkgl, ...

> Yes, but you clutter the files all over the place in a lot of
> directories. It would be simpler if you could keep them in the same
> place, but have multiple META files ? META.lablgtk.1 and META.lablgtk.2
> for example ?
> Having everything in the same directory would solve this, i think, since
> you could then have META.lablgtk and META.lablgtkgl, but keep the
> lablgtk and lablgtkgl libraries in the same subdir (+lablgtk).

 It can already be done now. Just choose the standard place where all the META
 files should be. Otherwise you will have to rename the META of the library
 xxx into META.xxx, keep it where it is (inside the directory xxx) and
 add the directory xxx to the findlib path (ugly IMHO).

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