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Re: Buglet in ocaml-ldconf

 What I found very annoying of Sven solution is that if you
 install a package by hand (Bad Thing TM),
 the next time you install an ocaml debian package the entry
 for the hand-installed one disappears. This means that you
 have to learn ocaml-ldconf to understand what is happening...

 I don't by Xavier's argument.

> I have the impression that findlib + ld.conf integration could be
> better.

 What do you mean? findlib already manages ld.conf correctly, adding
 and removing lines. The problem is findlib used by hand + ocaml debian

> Also, findlib seems to like to putting things in /usr/lib/ocaml
> instead of /usr/local/lib/ocaml.

 You can tell him where you want the libraries to be installed.
 What is the best default?


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