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Re: what debian-np *should* do

I'm excited by the possibility of a modular distro (workstation, intranet-server, internet-server)!

But a software distribution is only the first step. I'm much more interested in the kinds of documentation and support resources that could spring up around this project.

Plenty of other organizations and individuals are producing package-managed distros based on debian, gentoo, fedora, etc. As a moderately competent sysadmin, I can take any of those distros and make them look and act more or less alike, be reasonably secure, and perform useful work for my org. I can even put together a tailored collection of packages and configs and give it to my coworkers.

I follow debian-np because I want to learn *how* you put the distro together, *why* you chose the packages you did, and *how* I can make it play nicely on my network. Documenting all of this is a monumental undertaking, but I'm willing to help as the project moves forward.

Chris Snyder
The Fund for the City of New York

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