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Re: Morphix/Debian-NP CDs

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 10:52, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> Mozilla seems to support just about everything out of the box on a
> Debian installation (I found, and was able to view/read the
> Amharic/Ethiopic version of google yesterday!).

OK, but there is a difference between supporting Amharic websites, and
actually having Amharic UI ;-)

> GNOME I'm a little new so I'll welcome any input from others both on
> how to set this up and then, perhaps more importantly, how to set up a
> good interface to have people select and which between. I've not
> really used GNOME extensively and don't know.

It may be worth taking a look at 

which is an Indian multi-language liveCD also based on Morphix. Their
extra apps include: Yudit, gtranslator, pfaedit, kbabel, gettext, balsa.

as well as a number of other fonts etc. 

This is probably something we might want to take some more time doing,
ie. for now, perhaps just including whatever font-packages exist already
for debian, as well as language versions of OpenOffice, and if possible
also of balsa and mozilla.

Then next year, I'd love to discuss how I could perhaps make debian-NP
the basis of an effort to produce a more comprehensive multi-language

BTW, I'll be attending the WSIS, at the Danish Foreign Ministries
presence, and would love to hand out debian-NP CD's there. Any idea how
to get hold of them when they arrive?


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