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Re: Morphix/Debian-NP CDs


I would put anything to do with localization, ie. unicode fonts, the
yudit editor and as many language versions as possible of
gnome/mozilla/openoffice on there. Since I'm not a debian user, I don't
know much about what exists as packages, but the cd would be awesome if
it ran out of the box with various alphabets etc. 

that would include:

sylfaen font for georgian/armenian
yudit unicode editor

but probably a number of other things as well.

Some time next year I want to put together a Morphix version with the
specific purpose of showcasing gnu/linux localization projects, but mosy
of this stuff is crucial on a debian-np disc as well.


On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 23:10, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> Greetings everyone.
> I have yet to hear anything concrete in terms of deadlines from the
> LPI folks who will be printing CDs for WSIS but I'm assuming they're
> still planning to distribute Debian-NP/Morphix bootable CDs in 2-3
> weeks. Since I'm sure they're going to be asking for them any day now,
> I've been working on getting something together over the last week.
> I've started off with the Morphix GNOME module (formerly the HeavyGUI)
> and then kind of worked from that package list. I will post a list of
> packages in this CD on the wiki as soon as I get an opportunity.
> Like the Morphix CD on which it is based, it has GNOME, GNUCash,
> gnumeric, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla, The GIMP, Evolution, XMMS, Bluefish
> and some other stuff. I've removed some stuff (FILM Gimp for example)
> and added some.
> Anyway, what I need right now is two things:
>  1) Requests for packages that are in Debian (or at least available as
>     Debian packages) and that you want to see in the Debian NP
>     bootable CD (not including stuff on that list).
>  2) ARTWORK!! We need *at least* a 640x400 pixel image for boot up and
>     a larger (different?) background image. They'll need to include
>     the Debian Logo (the swirl and the name), the Morphix logo (just
>     the text I'm assuming)[1] and the Debian-NP logo which will need
>     to be created in the process. :)
> There are lots of other ways to help too and any help will be appreciated.
> However, The schedule here is very tight so please follow up onto this
> list or meet me on IRC where I'll be checking regularly. IRC will
> probably work best at this point.
> I'll be uploading stuff into Alioth as well as soon as Debian-admin
> works out the problems caused by the crackers a couple days ago.
> Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far (including Michelle,
> Gleydson, Gustavo and others who have helped get me a place to work on
> this stuff after the debian.org machines were cracked).
> And also, thanks *so* much to Alex for all the work and documentation
> on Morphix. :)
> Regards,
> Mako
> [1] http://john.iwas2.com/workspaces/linux/Morphix/
> -- 
> Benjamin Mako Hill
> mako@debian.org
> http://mako.yukidoke.org/

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