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Morphix/Debian-NP CDs

Greetings everyone.

I have yet to hear anything concrete in terms of deadlines from the
LPI folks who will be printing CDs for WSIS but I'm assuming they're
still planning to distribute Debian-NP/Morphix bootable CDs in 2-3
weeks. Since I'm sure they're going to be asking for them any day now,
I've been working on getting something together over the last week.

I've started off with the Morphix GNOME module (formerly the HeavyGUI)
and then kind of worked from that package list. I will post a list of
packages in this CD on the wiki as soon as I get an opportunity.

Like the Morphix CD on which it is based, it has GNOME, GNUCash,
gnumeric, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla, The GIMP, Evolution, XMMS, Bluefish
and some other stuff. I've removed some stuff (FILM Gimp for example)
and added some.

Anyway, what I need right now is two things:

 1) Requests for packages that are in Debian (or at least available as
    Debian packages) and that you want to see in the Debian NP
    bootable CD (not including stuff on that list).

 2) ARTWORK!! We need *at least* a 640x400 pixel image for boot up and
    a larger (different?) background image. They'll need to include
    the Debian Logo (the swirl and the name), the Morphix logo (just
    the text I'm assuming)[1] and the Debian-NP logo which will need
    to be created in the process. :)

There are lots of other ways to help too and any help will be appreciated.

However, The schedule here is very tight so please follow up onto this
list or meet me on IRC where I'll be checking regularly. IRC will
probably work best at this point.

I'll be uploading stuff into Alioth as well as soon as Debian-admin
works out the problems caused by the crackers a couple days ago.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far (including Michelle,
Gleydson, Gustavo and others who have helped get me a place to work on
this stuff after the debian.org machines were cracked).

And also, thanks *so* much to Alex for all the work and documentation
on Morphix. :)


[1] http://john.iwas2.com/workspaces/linux/Morphix/

Benjamin Mako Hill

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