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Re: [Debian-NP] What's the big idea?

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, John Billings wrote:

> I think sourceforge is a good place to work on subprojects that might fit into 
> the Debian-NP distro.  Since that system is already in place and seems to be 
> effective why start another.  This seems like an idea whose time has come. 

Personally, if we were to need something like sourceforge, then I
would prefer if we used savannah (the GNU project's version of
sourceforge, minus the irritating ads).

> I don't see an evaluation framework being developed.
> Basically to evaluate people, events and outcomes.
> You would need a comment field for the evaluator to write down what is going 
> on,
> Who is there
> What is being evaluated and by whom
> A rating system to rate factors you are evaluating
> (client performace, enthusiasm, attendance, cooperation, comprehension etc...) 
> over time you can see if the numbers go up or down
> over time you can look back through the database (of writing) and
> see exactly what is happening 
> Stop me if this trumpeting of evaluation gets boring, Another thing more work 
> integrating LTSP with debian would be a good thing.

Stop! :) No seriously, it sounds like something that is useful, do you
know if there is anything out there that is already usable for debian?
Or at least something that could be customized?

> Also reusing old equipment, keeping the memory usage trim would be a good 
> idea: iceWM.   

This one has been sounded a number of times, and I put it on the wiki
and probably will stay there as a design requirement, unless someone
can talk us out of it.


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