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Re: Carlos Donizete Froes: Declaration of intent

Hi Mattia,

> I understand the recognition bit, but a guest account can be requested
> only for specific reasons.
> Usually those reasons are one of:
>  * need to debug an architecture-specific bug (likely an FTBFS)
>  * need to access a machine to do some specific work (example: buildd
>    admin, listmaster, …)
> The whole point of a guest account is to have access to a debian.org
> machine, but there needs to be a necessity behind the request.
> As a simple explenation: I need to provide DSA with specific machine
> names that needs to whitelist your account… what would I even write
> there, after reading your request? :)

I understand, I will cancel this process as a Debian Contributor and generate a
new one, but as a DM.


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