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Advocacy for Joanne Sarah McIntyre


I advocate Joanne Sarah McIntyre to become Debian Developer, non-uploading.

The current status of Joanne Sarah McIntyre is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:

I have known Jo for a number of years and find her to be measured, considerate and supportive. Her oft-hidden but valuable contribution to our project should be recognised formally.

Jo does not have a technical background, but that does not stop her from being involved in development aspects particularly testing and QA. Her organisational skills are excellent and this shows in her work during several Debconfs and mini-Debconfs, particularly at front desk. She works well with other people and can manage them in a productive and efficient way.

I have observed Jo taking an increasingly keen interest in Debian development in general, attending gradually more talks at Debconf, BSPs, etc. Her non-technical perspective is often useful, and her support and encouragement is invaluable. I fully support her decision to formalise her involvement.

Jonathan Wiltshire (via nm.debian.org)

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