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Re: Report for 'Debian Developer, uploading' applicant Josué Ortega

Yeah! Congratulations Josué!


2016-02-19 13:02 GMT-02:00 Santiago Ruano Rinc\xf3n via nm
> Hello,
> I recommend to accept Josué Ortega as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
> The account name is josue.
>  * Applicant background
>  I started to use Free Software arround 2008 when I was at college, a few months
>  later I started to use Debian as my primary Operative System. For that time I
>  was just a Free Software Activist spreading the word of Free Software at
>  different events in my country (Guatemala). I started to think about spreading
>  the word of Free Software was good but not enough, I wanted to contribute in a
>  technical way since I have some technical knowledge. It was until 2012 when I
>  heard about Debconf in Managua, Nigaragua. I went and I really loved the Debian
>  Community and how the project works.
>  One month after Debconf I adopted my first Debian Package (wcalc), Since then
>  I started to work with more packages some co-maintained with the
>  Debian Python Modules Team and others with the
>  Astronomy Package Maintainers Team.
> Regards,
> Santiago Ruano Rincón

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