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Advocacy for Breno Leitao


I advocate Breno Leitao to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Breno Leitao is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:

(I saw this process in debian-newmaint.  Probably with the advocacy of Wookey is enough, but I would also like to support Breno's application.)

I know of Breno Leitãos's work on the ppc64el port, he seems to be the person leading or coordinating this effort even if there are more people behind it.

As Wookey said, despite nobody in their team being Debian Developers they managed to get things in this port in shape really soon after it got approved to enter the main infrastructure, just before Jessie's freeze, due to the work that they had been doing in the previous years (submitting patches to the key packages and so on).

During the past year, I sponsored a few of the changes that they requested, packages that were in their critical path such as fontconfig.  The changes consisted mostly in making the packages to use some sort of dh-autoreconf or equivalent, which also helped other ports such as arm64, the OpenRISC/or1k and ports that will come to Debian in the future (e.g. mips64el), and IMO it is a worthwile goal of its own.

Personally I think that it is a bit unfair that some people are required to go through DM instead of DD directly, but in the case of porters, as Wookey says, getting DM permissions does not help that much.  In any case, this should not detract from my advocacy, I think that Breno is prepared and experienced enough to be granted upload permissions as Debian Developer after going through the NM process.

In short, I am happy to see Breno applying to become a Debian Developer and become more involved in the project, and I fully support his application.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo (via nm.debian.org)

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