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Re: DM application of Tom Marble

> All:
> This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer [0].
> I have read the Social Contract, Debian Free Software Guidelines and
> Debian Machine Usage Policy and agree with all of them.
> I have collaborated with the Java Packaging Team for years
> and, finally, am working on updating the versions of JRuby
> and OpenRocket (and their dependencies).
> My GnuPG 0x40BFEE868B055D9A is signed by many Debian Developers.
> In fact I think it's possible that I may have the DM application
> with lowest MSD (1.717 as of DebConf12 [0]).
> I am thrilled to become a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your attention.
> --Tom
> [0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer
> [1] http://people.debian.org/~anibal/ksp-dc12/names.html

I fully support Tom's application, either as Maintainer and/or
Developer. I have been working very close with Tom on several occasions
and he is definitely somebody that knows what he is doing.


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