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on the "M" of "NM" - summary

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:23:35PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> what do you think of retaining the "NM" acronym but changing its
> expansion to "New [Debian Project] Member" on nm.d.o and in the rest of
> the official documentation for applying?

So, summarizing, in this thread there seems to be a majority of people
in favor of the change (with about a 2:1 ratio).

Among the people who are not in favor of the change, about half of them
are not against the change per, but would prefer to it a general rehaul
of all contributors names (with no consensual proposal though, which is
unsurprising given that discussing such a proposal was not the point of
the thread). The rest of the people against the change (2-3 people)
claim that it is "more confusing" than the current status, but I confess
that, personally, I haven't really understood their arguments. I cannot
speak for them but I believe they find the act of *changing* the meaning
of the acronym confusing rather then the new meaning per se. That
confusion can be mitigated by simply not making a big fuss about the
change; it can just be an incremental improvement that only new
applicants will face.

My personal bottom line is that *if* I were responsible for FD, I'll
consider this consensus enough to go ahead and do the change.

Luckily for you all I'm not responsible for FD :-) This is why I'm
copying this (potentially biased) summary to FD for their consideration.
The start of the thread is at:


Have a nice week-end,
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