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Intent to become a DM - Didier Raboud


This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer [DM].

I have read the Social Contract, the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the 
Debian Machine Usage Policy and agree with all of them.

I currently maintain the following packages, alone or in teams :

 * usb-modeswitch{,-data}
 * kdesudo (Qt-Kde Team)
 * gtk-qt-engine (ditto)
 * pyside (and all its Build-Depends, within Python-Modules team).

I try as much as possible to get in regular contact with my upstreams, with whom 
I try to collaborate to make our common work better. In particular, I have 
upstream commit rights for kdesudo and I am in regular contact with usb-
modeswitch and pyside upstreams. My packages are not bugfree, but I consider 
them in good shape, both in terms of packaging and following on bugs.

My GnuPG key 2BEF0A33 is signed by the Debian Developer Lucas Nussbaum (lucas). 
I am a member of Debian.ch, and I met some of the members IRL (madduck, gismo, 
abe, panthera, vbi, gaudenz) but just forgot to ask for a keysigning. My 
previous weaker key (E9A278F0, to be revoked soon) was signed by gismo, abe and 

I look forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your attention and 
best regards, 


[DM] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer

Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1020 Renens

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