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Re: Proposal: have NM and DM sign a package maintainer pledge

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Is the declaration of accepting the social contract enforced in any
> specific way?  The point---as I see it---is making people think about
> what they sign, not about having a contract on the basis of which
> retaliate later on.

Good point.

> Given that more often than not applicants learn new stuff during AM, I
> would rather have the pledge signed at the end of the process, when
> applicnts will probably be more conscious of what they are signing.

The same could be said of policy, but at least in the case of DMs, our
current position seems to be that the principles behind, and the
overview of how Debian works - release included - should be learned
before the "declaration of intention", so putting them together seems

As for NM, I agree that it would be better put after P&P and T&S.


Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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