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Re: Proposal: have NM and DM sign a package maintainer pledge

Re: Raphael Hertzog 2009-09-20 <[🔎] 20090920104125.GA25203@rivendell>
> As a package maintainer, I will do my best to help the Debian project
> release a stable version of our operating system. In particular, I will
> I am aware of the limits of my skills and my available time and I will
> avoid packaging software that I would not be able to maintain properly.

I think that boils down to "I will only introduce packages that I will
be able to maintain reasonably". For something people should sign, it
is way to detailed, and we certainly don't want to get into the
situation that we need lawyers to find out if someone is a bad
maintainer or not.

We already let people sign the SC (including the DFSG) - "We will be
guided by the needs of our users and the free software community." In
my understanding, that includes fixing bugs in a timely manner.

The proposed text sounds fine as an addition to the developers
reference, maybe as some foreword to chaper 3, "Debian Developer's
Duties". We can also draft some NM template questions about it.

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