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Re: Proposal: have NM and DM sign a package maintainer pledge

On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 02:49:39PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > Beside the above wording remark, I've a problem with the first part of
> > the pledge: it is too limited in scope.
> It's intended. As I said it must apply to all package maintainers (DM as
> well, not only future DD).

I don't see the problem. If it is just a matter of audience, you can
have two different pledges, one for DD applicants, and one for DM
applicants. Also, the difference would be trivial: one paragraph
commented out in the DM pledge.

> > The Release Team, routinely before releases, complaints (rightful!) that
> > too few people work on RC bug which are not "theirs". The current NM
> > process, IMHO, does not stress enough the fact that being a DD is also
> > about something more than your own packages.
> If all DD/DM applied what this pledge says, we would not have to rely so
> much on having DD fixing someone else's package.

Sure, I was just pointing out that this pledge goes in the right
direction of raising the attention on the subject.

> > I would add to the pledge a statement that, once your packages are in
> > good condition, you should look forward to fix RC bugs in other
> > packages. If we agree that this should be part of the pledge text, I can
> > draft a corresponding sentence.
> I don't think it's a good idea. And it would only be acceptable for DD,
> and not all DD agree with this.
> I want this pledge to be uncontroversial so that its message remains clear
> and effective.

I believe the first part of my answer here address the DD vs DM
problem. Can you then please expand on why you don't think it is a good
idea to widen the attention to RC bugs on packages other than ours?

Additionally, I don't see how such extension would make the pledge more
controversial: the fact that we need people to do RC-countering-NMUs to
make releases possible is clear evidence for everyone. "Hiding" that
fact when you ask people to declare their good wills towards the project
looks rather pointless to me.


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