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Re: Cuban prospective DD can't acomplish NM identification

Hi Adrian,

Re: Adrian Perez 2009-08-21 <[🔎] 1250878361.12633.57.camel@desktop>
> As you may already know by now, I have just met Maykel, he's an awesome
> guy! BTW Thank you for pointing me to him. We have cross-signed keys and
> talked a little while. 

Maykel's key is very well connected, that's a great step forward.

> I mean he signed, but he's not a DD, I though that was stated that his
> verification would be enough for an ID check, or alternatively for other
> DDs who know him to sign maybe, given the situation in my country, I
> dunno.
> In the meantime, I'll continue with my debian work, I just wanted to be
> sure that I'm not missing something and losing time.

Apply for NM any time you like. Not having your key signed by a DD is
not a show stopper for becoming a DD, and much less for *starting* NM.
Once you are finished with NM, we will take appropriate action. (Which
is most likely the DAM phone call.)

Same goes for DM.

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