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Re: Cuban prospective DD can't acomplish NM identification

Adrian Perez dijo [Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 08:48:53AM -0400]:
> Hello list.
> My name is Adrian Perez, and since months ago, I've managed to get the
> time to contribute to debian as a maintainer. 
> The first issue I found it's that my country wasn't listed on the
> gpg-coord page, thanks to the contact with Ralf Treinen that got fixed;
> but as you may see I was able to submit my request long time after my
> intentions were to. 
> (…)

When I first entered NM, I was also alone in Mexico. Of course, I
recognize your and my countries stand on a very different position,
but still, this is worth giving a shot. Some ideas:

• Maykel Moya, who AFAICT lives in La Habana, was in DebConf7. You
  might ask him to sign your key. (adding him Cc: — Greetings,
  Maykel!). His key (A99479EF) is signed by several DDs.

• Whoever signs your key would most preferably be a DD, but it can be
  a different person, whose identity can be traced and connected to
  the Debian keyring or to other Free Software strong keyrings. I know
  there are several Cuban Free Software communities — Are you in touch
  with any of them? Do any of the members belong to any FS development
  or advocacy groups?

• Several Debian people have travelled to Cuba over the last
  years. Sadly, when I travelled (back in 2000) and met quite a bit of
  (then) Free Software-related people, I was still not acquinted with
  establishing webs of trust (and a 10 year old signature starts
  smelling stale ;-) ). Still, I'm Cc:ing David Moreno (Damog), who
  travelled not so long ago to Cuba. Of course, "not so long ago"
  might mean four years or so — David is now living on the USA, so I
  know it was not _so_ recent!

• Which city do you live in? Even if the keys are not signed, David or
  me (or somebody else who has travelled to Cuba in this fashion) can
  phone somebody we trust (and identify) in your area. If we can
  establish this person is clearly the person we trust (i.e. by
  recognizing the voice _and_ adding some questions regarding what did
  we do together), and this person asserts having checked your
  identity, it might be enough.

I hope the following is enough to get you started!

Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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