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Re: Cuban prospective DD can't acomplish NM identification

On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 12:16 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> When I first entered NM, I was also alone in Mexico. Of course, I
> recognize your and my countries stand on a very different position,
> but still, this is worth giving a shot. 
I'm listening.
> Some ideas:
> • Maykel Moya, who AFAICT lives in La Habana, was in DebConf7. You
>   might ask him to sign your key. (adding him Cc: — Greetings,
>   Maykel!). His key (A99479EF) is signed by several DDs.
I've contacted him, although you CC'ed him, and DebianCuba seems to
> • Whoever signs your key would most preferably be a DD, but it can be
>   a different person, whose identity can be traced and connected to
>   the Debian keyring or to other Free Software strong keyrings. I know
>   there are several Cuban Free Software communities — Are you in touch
>   with any of them? Do any of the members belong to any FS development
>   or advocacy groups?
There's hardly such groups I've been able to contact. Since my work is
primarily online. I have attended several conferences of what we call
our Computer Central Palace.

> • Several Debian people have travelled to Cuba over the last
>   years. Sadly, when I travelled (back in 2000) and met quite a bit of
>   (then) Free Software-related people, I was still not acquinted with
>   establishing webs of trust (and a 10 year old signature starts
>   smelling stale ;-) ). Still, I'm Cc:ing David Moreno (Damog), who
>   travelled not so long ago to Cuba. Of course, "not so long ago"
>   might mean four years or so — David is now living on the USA, so I
>   know it was not _so_ recent!
I got contact with Dalibor Topic on Aug 6th, regarding the same issue.
Sure it wasn't recent, and since I've applied already, and my advocate
seems anxious (as I do), it's hard to wait him comeback, IMHO.
> • Which city do you live in? Even if the keys are not signed, David or
>   me (or somebody else who has travelled to Cuba in this fashion) can
>   phone somebody we trust (and identify) in your area. If we can
>   establish this person is clearly the person we trust (i.e. by
>   recognizing the voice _and_ adding some questions regarding what did
>   we do together), and this person asserts having checked your
>   identity, it might be enough.
I live in Havana, as I posted to the key-signing request, 
it's our capital.
> I hope the following is enough to get you started!
Actually, I've managed to to almost I can. Hope it works somehow, 
but I'm still reluctant to see this may work for me. 
Best regards,
Adrian Perez <adrianperez.deb@gmail.com>

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