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Re: DM application

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Hi, I was traveling, I just got home so I'll answer your questions :)

Ana Guerrero wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 02:43:36PM -0430, Jose Luis Rivas Contreras wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to apply to be a Debian Maintainer. David Moreno Garza and
>> José Miguel Parrella have offered to advocate me.
> ...
> I do not think Jose Luis is ready to DM yet. Damog speaks about his work on
> xscreensaver and libtorrent/rtorrent:
> About xscreensaver, as kdeartwork maintainer, I am not very happy in the way
> he has worked some issues with the package, specially here the part of 
> coordination with another maintainers/team in Debian that are affected by 
> changes in major released of xscreensavers. For the record, Jose Luis 
> co-maintains this package, so maybe the person to blame here is his 
> co-maintainer I do not know.
> And yes, as dato pointed, we will have to work in kdeartwork to be more robust
> against changes in this package.

Well this change was trying to get all packages to work with
xscreensaver, I was refusing at first and Tormod convinced me of making
this change so gnome-screensaver were able to use xscreensaver hacks
finally after being years in wishlist (no as you guys said it was only
for getting fun). And yes, I'm pretty sorry with you kdeartwork
maintainers since we didn't thought kdescreensaver were so hardlinked
with xscreensaver, we basically just added more stuff to te package, it
was our fault.

Anyway was only once and was only needed to add a dependency and
everything was solved.
> About rtorrent: there is an unaswered RC bug since more than a week ago, with 
> patch included.(#474852)

Yes, I saw this and I was working on this with the little change I'm
trying to make to rtorrent and libtorrent so will work with xscale-based
systems as well, I just forgot to answer and I'm pretty sorry about
this, I just finished my final exams this semester and had to travel
since Tuesday until today.
> About libtorrent: a bug about the gcc 4.3 transition has been in the BTS for 
> almost a year, and it was finally fixed in a NMU, even if there was several 
> uploads since the bug was reported. (#420920)

Yep, he got the library I was looking for: <algorithm>. In the BTS you
can see Arnaud was working too in this and gave us errors with the first
patch and it was for that missing library.

I didn't saw the email changing the severity to serious (it was 5th
april), sorry for not paying more attention to that...

Before going to travel I was working on xscreensaver and the issue with
dual-head systems, I got a nvidia machine and was testing some things
before uploading it so between that and my exams got all my time.
> Jose Luis maintains some perl stuff, so maybe somebody from the Debian Perl 
> group can give a better point of view.

My perl packages wasn't moving too much and when I got xscreensaver I
did rather prefer to upload my packages to the pkg-perl and letting them
to get in better shape faster when needed, at first I made some commits
to pkg-perl as Damyan said, after that I wasn't able while working on my
other packages.

Thanks for all your recommendations, I will take more care of all that.

Thanks José and David for advocating me anyway :)

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