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Re: Miriam Ruiz advocation

Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Here goes my advocate message as DM for Miriam Ruiz.


> Miriam currently does an amazing job inside of the Debian Games team.
> Before the games team, she was alredy deep involved in Debian, for
> example, you can find this tutorial wrote by her in the beginning of
> 2005 [0]

She is also evangelizing upstream about freedom and lisencing, and I
believe she's doing great. 

> She is doing since long time ago, an incredible work with gnash, and
> we really have to thank her have programs like fretsonfire on the
> achive (clarying licences stuff is never fun).


> I use to sponsor her some packages that are always flawless and I
> happily co-maintain with her a couple of packages.

She's both technically competent and a pleasure to work with. 

I am kind of busy atm, but I am available for further references if
needed.  (Is it really needed after looking at her qa page?)

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