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DM advocacy message for Martín Ferrari


Due to the just passed GR on the Debian Maintainers, I'd like to
advocate the addition of Martín Ferrari to the Debian maintainers

I've been working with Martín for almost a year now on the New
Maintainer process. I'm his Application Manager and we have been
following the usual procedure for NMs and we are approaching to
finishing the T&S part on the process. Martín has demonstrated a very
nice quality of work and willing to collaborate on Debian, specially on
the work previous done by squashing RC bugs and the like.

It's my will, and Martín's, to be added to the Debian maintainers newly
keyring, so he can upload his packages directly without the need of a
sponsor. In the meantime, it's his will to keep on going under his NM
process. He has accepted to acknowledge Debian's social contract, free
software guidelines, and machine usage policies.

Martín would be a great asset to the project's new maintainers' keyring
while we get to finish his usual New Maintainer process.

I'm sure other Debian Developers would support this advocacy report as

David Moreno Garza <damog@espiral.org.mx> | http://www.damog.net/
 Poor Mexico: So far from God, so close to the United States.

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