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Re: Using orphaned packages as NM playground

Hi Jeroen!

Jeroen van Wolffelaar [2005-09-05 14:56 +0200]:
> I personally do think it's better to have effort being put in
> packages/whatever that are either important or of specific interest to a given
> contributor.


> By specifically directing efforts to exactly those packages that,
> by definition, have nobody interested in them at the moment, I think you're
> still spending time inefficiently: packages nobody is interested in tend to
> ultimately get removed anyway, for example.

Well, the fact that no DD is interested in them does not imply that
there are no users of the package, so the effort is usually not
competely wasted (as opposed to my throw-away package I used before).
> But yes, they can be a good practicing ground, and it's indeed hard to ask
> someone to contribute something to an important package/bug, as a suiteable
> opportunity for that doesn't always exist.

For fixing RC bugs I of course offer a preselection of packages that
are indeed important. However, many DDs will not like a patch that
says something like "please throw away your crappy patch system and
use this dpatch/cdbs/whatever one". Orphaned packages seem to be a
good target for practising such large-scale packaging redesigns.


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