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Re: Proposed question topics


Brian Nelson wrote:


7. library packaging
  I'd like to see some more questions about library packaging, since it
  can be very tricky and many people, including existing developers,
  make mistakes with it.  In particular sonames, shlibs,
  ${shlibs:Depends}, dpkg-shlibdeps, and especially proper use of

Not everyone will package libs later. The basic questions I have should
give them the right directions, including a reading of the lib guides we
have, so they remember later where too look. Anything more is IMO too
much, some AMs already strip (most of) the library questions.

But all package maintainers will have to deal with libraries in some
way.  I strongly believe they should have a basic understanding of how
Debian deals with libraries.  Furthermore, any developer can upload a
library package.  Just because they don't think they will when they
enter NM doesn't mean they should get a free pass.

Let's face it--a large number of libraries in Debian are not packaged
well at all.  It's an obvious problem, and it's something that NM should

What about a question that asks NMs to list some of the types of problems that you can get when packaging libraries, and where/who they could go to for more information or help or a good example of how to do it?

Having very recently struggled with the library questions in the current templates, ok I did learn some new stuff. But, by the time I ever get to packaging a library, I know that I won't remember the details. What is important for me to know is where to look for the information and who I might ask for advice on it.

I guess it's also really important for me to understand clearly (as I do) that what I currently know about library packaging does not go far enough to get me past all the pitfalls, and that if/when I want to package a library I will have to seek more detailed information and advice.

Of course the most important thing to realise is that it's actually OK to ask for such advice...

Helen :)

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