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Proposed question topics


I've had some notes for questions to add for a while now, but I still
haven't gotten around to actually formulating questions out of them, so
I'm just going to post them here with the hopes that someone does the
work for me.  :)

1. debhelper

   I've found that some applicants don't really understand debhelper
   very well.  I'd like to add a question that asks what debhelper is,
   what purposes it serves, what alternatives are available, and how to
   use it properly (debian/compat, build-depends, ${misc:Depends},
   basically the stuff covered in

2. version control

   I can't remember where I wanted to go with this one.  I guess the
   idea was that applicants should have a basic understanding of
   cvs/subversion/arch, and maybe should understand the benefits of
   maintaining packages with version control.

3. debconf, ucf

   I think applicants should have an understanding of when to use
   debconf in their packages, how to use it, and when ucf can be used in
   conjunction with it.

4. debconf notes vs. debian/NEWS

   Which to use...

5. testing migration

   How packages migrate to testing, how to diagnose and fix migration
   problems, and where to ask for help...

6. "pristine" tarballs

   This one's pretty straight-forward.  How to ensure a package's
   orig.tar.gz is "pristine" (aka md5sums match), what to do if upstream
   doesn't distribute a tar.gz (tar.bz2, etc.) ...

7. library packaging

   I'd like to see some more questions about library packaging, since it
   can be very tricky and many people, including existing developers,
   make mistakes with it.  In particular sonames, shlibs,
   ${shlibs:Depends}, dpkg-shlibdeps, and especially proper use of

That last one reminds me--the question:

    Why does a foo-dev package depends on foo?
    Why is it fooX-dev and not foo-dev in some cases?

is confusing.  Many applicants read that and say, "huh?"  I think the
question is trying to ask why libraries are split into libblahX and
libblah-dev packages, and why it can be useful to have multiple -dev
versions for a library.  Joerg, can you please clarify?

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