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NM Report for Steffen Moeller

Summary: accept

1. Identification & Background ------------------------------

Steffen's key is signed by Florian Hinzmann <fh@debian.org>.

pub  1024D/BE9D5339 2003-06-23 Steffen Moeller (for debian packages of steffen moeller) <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>
     Key fingerprint = 63F6 2CC3 9FC3 6950 BD47  797F D605 DD9C BE9D 5339
sig!3       B4071A65 2003-10-31   Florian Hinzmann <f.hinzmann@hamburg.de>
sig!3       BE9D5339 2003-06-23   Steffen Moeller (for debian packages of steffen moeller) <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>
sub  1024g/DDF2F323 2003-06-23
sig!        BE9D5339 2003-06-23   Steffen Moeller (for debian packages of steffen moeller) <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>

-- provided by applicant --

While growing up with Apple II and Macintosh, I was introduced to Linux
at the University by friends. I started with the Slackware distribution
in late 1993 as a platform for good C programming, tried SuSE and
eventually made my first contact with Debian Potato in 1997.

My daytime job is to work as a researcher in Bioinformatics. This
combines the use of databases (with descriptions of Genes, Proteins,
their expression levels and interactions), statistical analyses and the
use or development of tools to present such information to the user.

My motivation to become a DD is to add the most essential packages for
bioinformatics to the system. This will reduce the workload for the
community that all need to invest these efforts for their local
infrastructure. Such a common bioinformatics infrastructure helps to
bring Bioinformatics into biological labs with limited IT resources.

I am also interested in Grid computing, particularly to tackle problems
in Bioinformatics.  A community of Debian users could evolve that
contributes chroot environments and spare cycles along the ideas behind
the GPU project.

-- end --

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Steffen understands the DFSG and how to apply the guidelines to
licenses.  He has also agreed to the DMUP.  We had some disagreements on
intrepretation of some of the questions (this was my first time around
using them) but we were able to come to an agreement on them.

3. Tasks and Skills

I checked over one of Steffen's packages in the archive, tigr-glimmer,
and found no major problems.  Steffen has responded to bugs in a
responsible manner.  His latest upload was also checked over (and
sponsored) by Matt Hope, who found only minor issues.

Steffen maintains some other packages in main and non-free, none with
critical bugs.  I asked him about how to fix the epcr bug and he
demonstrated that he knew how to fix it.

4. Recommendation

I recommend that Steffen Moeller is allowed to become a Debian

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> KC0OBS  http://www.ringworld.org/

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