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Re: Splitting P&P templates into two

<quote who="Helen Faulkner" date="2004-12-30 01:46:38 +0000">
> It strikes me that testing whether or not I can spend 40 hours in a week 
> doing all my T&S stuff in one big hit is not very useful to Debian.  My 
> impression, after living with a DD for years, is that what is more useful 
> to Debian are people who are prepared to put in a long commitment that will 
> mainly involve small amounts of work that are distributed in time, but 
> which ideally require a quick response as they come up (ie to fix a bug 
> that appears in your package, but there might not be a bug for weeks or 
> longer at a time).

I think that having that applicant put in the small amount of time
over a long period of time so that their skills and ability to follow
through on the Debian tasks they intend to do as developers become
apparent should be tasks and skill test enough.

Early on in the NM process, few AMs asked any T&S questions at
all. They expected NMs to demonstrate that they had the skills by
doing the tasks. I still think that a history of doing good work, an
audit of packages, and a few good recommendations say as much or more
than any number of questions broken up in any number of chunks. In
most cases, they make the questions themselves (and the 10-40 hours of
work that answering them entails) of questionable use. :)

I guess that's advice meant for AMs, DAMs, and NMs alike. :)


Benjamin Mako Hill

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