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Re: Excessive wait for DAM - something needs to be done

Hi, Joe Wreschnig wrote:

> So, it might take people 3 years, but YMMV.

The problem is that the last step doesn't have an odometer, nor a gas
gauge, thus you don't know your mileage until you arrive.

Anyway, [1] states that the DAM does have a backup (joey). Apparently,
both haven't been able to do any NM processing for the past six weeks.

Might it be possible to replace the single-point-of-failure DAM with a
Peer Review system? I.e., some DDs (the existing AMs?) are tasked with
checking the AM reports; three(?) YES votes approves the new maintainer,
one NO vote (with justification please...) relegates them to the DAM.

If people think this is a good idea, I am willing, and actually have the
time, to extend the NM pages to implement this.

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint#DAM

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