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Re: People waiting for DAM.

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 04:45:29PM -0400, David B Harris wrote:
> Some of them are on hold, no doubt, because the DAM feels that their
> "contributions" would be too dangerous. (Obviously the list is a bit
> long, and I would have trouble believing that they each of them have
> questionable technical expertise or attitudes, but that'd be something
> you might want to contact the DAM about.)

I don't need to contact the DAM. That's not my problem, but NM say he is
unreachable or simply not replying mails from them.
DAM team work load is high? What is in this chain that do not let people to
join Debian? There are missing informations here and there that would explain
why NM are waiting so long?

> So perhaps "what are we doing for these people?" isn't the right question.
> Perhaps "why does the DAM feel that they shouldn't be given Debian accounts
> yet?" is better.

I'm not sure about that: looking at the statistics it seems tat only 2 are
kept on old by DAM, and i did not see any comment: if i could speculate i
would say that DAM is not acting (he is not replying mails), but i don't know
I would olso resize the issue around the security problem regarding the
introduction o new people.  A guy willing to introduce a security hole or
any other problem in our distribution, can easily pass all the step looking one
of the best person in the world, and then ... That's not so difficult, i may
have already done it. I mean: it's a good thing to test the people in as many
way as possible, but i fail to understand why one would be blocked at the
account creation time without any notice. If the problem is the security, then
we should close any further application, or better we should remove any
account which cannot be trusted at 100% (i can be removed too, i know :P), and
then close any application.

Perheps the problem in the chain is that AM are not trusted so much in their
work, that's why we need an extra examination by DAM: that would be the
bottle neck. Should it be so, why dont we test AM better (do we test them)?

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