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People waiting for DAM.

Today i've received a mail from a NM in queue, which, among other things, told
me that he is waiting for DAM approval for more than a year. I started
looking at the queue and i got a list ordered by date of "AM recommendation
to DAM" (at the end of themessage). Except for the first who require phone
contact, what are we doing for that guys?
BTW I would be surprised if some of them would still be willing to contribute.

2001-03-11: idalton at ferret.dyndns.org

2000-01-27: brederlo at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
2000-12-17: erayo at cs.bilkent.edu.tr
2001-01-24: dlitz at dlitz.net
2001-06-02: fredrik at liljegren.org
2001-08-30: stratus at alternex.com.br
2001-09-24: stp1800 at earthlink.net
2001-10-24: marc at mit.edu
2001-11-14: samc at superduper.net
2001-12-16: cerberus at kobayashimaru.org (he is going to take package of mine)
2001-12-17: jalvarez at fluidsignal.com
2001-12-30: netsnipe at debianplanet.org
2002-01-04: rjo at gmx.de
2002-01-30: manolo at NCC-1701.B.Shuttle.de
2002-02-11: bnelson at bloodclot.net
2002-02-17: ddent at vc.bc.ca
2002-02-27: andrelop at ig.com.br
2002-03-18: david at porkrind.org
2002-03-29: fmarier at uwaterloo.ca
2002-04-09: uwe.steinmann at mmk-hagen.de
2002-04-22: daniel at ruoso.com
2002-04-22: fbrian at nac.net
2002-05-01: flatmax at ieee.org
2002-05-01: tore at linpro.no
2002-05-05: gopaixao at dcc.ufmg.br
2002-05-16: juanma_gm at wanadoo.es
2002-05-25: geoff at starbiz.com.au
2002-08-02: jbernard at roanoke.edu
2002-08-11: chojin at lrde.epita.fr
2002-09-15: mati at mati.rm.pl
2002-10-13: michael at schiansky.de
2002-10-22: arnaud.quette at free.fr
2002-11-12: daniel.gubser at gutreu.ch
2002-11-28: becker at edelhard.de
2002-12-08: myers at monoloco.net
2002-12-22: tommaso.m at tiscalinet.it
2002-12-29: jesus.climent at hispalinux.es
2002-12-29: sweeks at sweeks.com
2003-02-05: jcollins at asgardsrealm.net
2003-02-10: vince at kyllikki.org
2003-02-11: bob at decoy.wox.org
2003-02-16: shensche at linuxmail.org
2003-03-27: tsauter at gmx.net
2003-03-31: me at andrew.net.au
2003-04-12: pmachard at tuxfamily.org
2003-04-13: jay at bonci.com
2003-04-16: bengen at vdst-ka.inka.de
2003-04-20: david at neongoat.com
2003-04-21: jpsecher at diku.dk
2003-04-23: adamm at galacticasoftware.com
2003-04-27: sebastian.ley at mmweg.rwth-aachen.de
2003-04-30: a.negm at t-online.de
2003-05-03: roche at httrack.com
2003-05-03: stigge at antcom.de
2003-05-10: nico.bertol at free.fr
2003-05-16: Thomas.Scheffczyk at verwaltung.uni-mainz.de
2003-05-16: aroldan at fluidsignal.com
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