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Correct procedure for NMs going "on vacation"

Hey everyone.  What should be the general procedure for reporting email
problems or going "on vacation" for developers in the NM state?

For instance, I've had to temporarily switch over to bonci.net
(jay@bonci.net and http://jay.bonci.net) because of a person in my
family messing up the main domain (bonci.com) for everyone.  That email
will be offline for a few days (having started sometime Fri and ending
Mon-Tues).  Now normally this doesn't /really/ matter in the grand
scheme of things, but it strikes me that there doesn't really seem to be
a good place to put this sort of minor item.  Is getting in touch with
my AM (even post-approval) or the front desk the right idea?  Or is
writing -newmaint the best way to let the right people know.

Also, I don't maintian anything major, but what is the correct procedure
for going on vacation?  Summer is coming up; I'd imagine it is something
similar to where to report email problems, but I figured it'd be
something good to know.

A suggestion would be allow us to put a note of some sort on our NM
profile page.  Something like: "jay@bonci.com busted until
Tuesday-5/19/03 - Please use bonci.net instead."  It's low tech, but it
keeps us from bothering everyone when only a few eyes /might/ need to

Please cc me in any replies.  

		--Jay Bonci

Jay Bonci    | <jay@bonci.net>
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