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Testing without debhelper [was Re: AM Summary for Miah Gregory]

Mateusz Papiernik wrote:
> Oh yes, I know that it is. But it is because it is really helpful, and
> good tool, isn't it?

Yes, I consider it so.

> You're right - debhelper uses some "easy" methods to do something, which
> is done in another way without it, but maybe it's good way to do that? 
Debhelper is a very good thing to know, but see below.

> You're right again :) Now I know why that question is asked so often ;)
> But as a developer (I think I can said that, but I'm not approved by DAM
> yet) I think that Debian package creation can be still easier than
> today, and high-level (maybe once more high-level than debhelper?) tools
> are really welcome. 

Yes, I think high-level tools are very welcome and perhaps you'll
create some for Debian that will eventually replace debhelper as the
most commonly used package creation helper tool.

That brings up the crux of certifying the skill of a NM maintainer
applicant: knowledge of the invariant. High level tools have come and
gone, but the debian package structure has remained fairly
constant. Debian developers can employ all sorts of great tools
to create packages, but I think they should know what does not change:
the debian package structure.

I suppose I'm somewhat biased during my medical school training 15
years ago. I was told that the treatments and diagnostic procedures
I'd learn during my last half of medical school would become obsolete,
while the basic sciences, such as anatomy and physiology, would remain
relatively true. That prediction has been accurate.

While physicians spend most of their day working in the realm of
diagnostics and treatments, the tools in those realms continuously
change. However, knowledge of relatively static basic sciences
provides tools to assess and employ high-level diagnostics and

Any practioner, in any field, who merely knows the current, helpful
high-level tools without knowledge of the underlying fundamentals
risks obsolesence.

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