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Re: AM Summary for Miah Gregory <miah@darksilence.net>

Joey Hess wrote:
> Except, of course for the fact that debhelper does not have anything to
> do with getting the version number out of debian/changelog and into
> debian/foo/DEBIAN/control in the binary packge.

Yes, of course. After sending that message I regretted the misleading
simplification. However, I found that requiring the use of midlevel
(dpkg-gencontrol, dpkg-buildpackage) or lower tools, NM application
discover more of of the true format of the debian package.

> Perhaps you should instead ask newbies to package stuff without the aid
> of dpkg-dev. :-P I'll bet that a *lot* of people do not know exactly how
> substvars work, for example.

Well, I'm thinking that way to a very limited extent. I'm planning on
a test question that requires retrieval of a particular piece of data
from a debian package using just ar and tar as archive tools.

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