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Re: AM Summary for Miah Gregory <miah@darksilence.net>

> Part of the reason this check is helpful is directly due to the fact
> that debhelper is so commonly used.

Oh yes, I know that it is. But it is because it is really helpful, and
good tool, isn't it?

> As an application manager, I find a significant percentage of NM
> applicants are confused between the inputs to debhelper and the actual
> structure of a Debian package.

You're right - debhelper uses some "easy" methods to do something, which
is done in another way without it, but maybe it's good way to do that? 

> Debian policy dictates the format of the Debian package and is
> officially agnostic about the use of tools to create the Debian
> package. I believe it is important for Debian developers to
> demonstrate they know how to make a Debian package without a
> high-level tool.

You're right again :) Now I know why that question is asked so often ;)
But as a developer (I think I can said that, but I'm not approved by DAM
yet) I think that Debian package creation can be still easier than
today, and high-level (maybe once more high-level than debhelper?) tools
are really welcome. 

Best regards, 
Mati (mati@mati.rm.pl)
Sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support

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