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Re: Trouble becoming a member

>> Bas Zoetekouw <b.zoetekouw@phys.uu.nl> writes:

 > I doubt that you'll be able to create a convincing forgery of a European
 > passport, a European ID card, or a Dutch drivers license.

 You miss the point.

 If you and I ever meet for a key exchange, you'll be presented with
 either a costarrican national ID or a costarrican passport issued
 arround 1994.  The usual reaction I've gotten from other developers who
 have signed my key is "oh, Costa Rica, that's nice" and as far as I can
 remember I have been asked once "how do I know this is real?".  "Uhm...
 do you have a pocket UV lamp with you?"

 It works the other way arround, too.  I know what a U.S. passport
 should look like, and in the meantime I've learned how an E.U. passport
 show look like... which didn't help me one iota when I was presented
 with an ID from Ungary (IIRC).

Marcelo             | Carrot was two metres tall but he'd been brought up as
mmagallo@debian.org | a dwarf, and then further up as a human.
                    |         -- (Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms)

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