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Re: Trouble becoming a member

Hi Joel!

You wrote:

> Give me a good color printer (sub-dye would be best, it's what the local
> DMV uses, but is not required), a pocket laminator, and enough money to
> make it worth my time, and I'll bet I can fool 85% of DDs into accepting
> the ID as valid, in person, when it does not bear accurate information.

I doubt that you'll be able to create a convincing forgery of a European
passport, a European ID card, or a Dutch drivers license. Editing a
scanned copy of one of these documents with <enter your favourite image
editor here> is very much easier, and could probably be done by anyone
capable of running windows.

> It may be more secure, but only by the most marginal of degrees. 

Of course it isn't 100% secure. If you know a of way to achieve that,
I'd be happy to hear it.  

Kind regards,
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