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Trouble becoming a member


maybe the subject isn't that well chosen, but right now I have some
trouble, because the process of becoming a member of the Debian Project
seems to be stopped.  Domenico Andreoli has been my advocate and
everything was fine. Then I got an AM who made a lots of tests with me.
But when tests had been finished nothing happened. I got no response and
there was no confirmation at http://nm.debian.org.
I also had some trouble with him, because I have been told that a scaned
ID would be okay to do ID Check. He wanted me to get my key signed by
another developer. That would be no problem if I'd live in a big city
with another german developer, but here is none; I already checked that.
So, I'd like to know if there is a chance to get the process running

BTW I signed up with arvid.warnecke@tu-clausthal.de


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