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AM report for Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>

 Summary for Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
 Chad's GPG key is signed by Scott M. Dier:
 pub  1024D/206C5AFD 1999-11-15 Chad C. Walstrom (^chewie) <chewie@wookimus.net>
 sig!       206C5AFD 2000-10-19  Chad C. Walstrom (^chewie) <chewie@wookimus.net>
 sig!       AE4B5D92 2001-01-17  Scott M. Dier <dieman@ringworld.org>
 sub  1024g/FF60A17F 1999-11-15
 sig!       206C5AFD 1999-11-15  Chad C. Walstrom (^chewie) <chewie@wookimus.net>
 Chad would like to have "chewie" as his login on Debian machines, and have
 his mail forwarded to chewie@wookimus.net address.
 Philosophy & Procedures
 I asked Chad to explain the Social Contract, we discussed some points.
 I consider his understanding of the SC satisfactory, and he agrees to
 uphold it.  I asked him to point out difficulties on some licenses taken
 from packages in non-free, which he did without problems.  The also
 explained properly why the BSD license is a free one.  I think he's got
 a good grasp of licensing issues.
 Tasks & Skills
 Chad as adopted gtimer from stu.  He's updated the package as well as
 fixed open bugs on it.  I looked at the package and is good.  He also
 said he'd like to work together with the current maintainer of the LVM
 packages in order to fix the little mess it is right now.  He has
 produced packages of LVM 10.  He explained to me where the complications
 with the LVM packages come from and I think he's got a good
 understanding of it.  He can learn something about packaging issues, in
 particular about backwards compatibility and providing upgrade paths,
 but I sure he'll pick up on that.
 Chad is a programmer and there's at least one free software project
 where he participates already.  He's very eager to learn.
 I recommend accepting Chad as a Debian Developer.


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