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AM report for Eric Gillespie

Summary for Eric Gillespie <epg@pobox.com>


Eric's GPG key is signed by Chris Lawrence:

pub  1024D/44703332 1999-08-17 Eric Gillespie, Jr. <epg@pobox.com>
sig        44703332 1999-12-01  Eric Gillespie, Jr. <epg@pobox.com>
sig        A3D7B9BC 2000-08-10  Chris Lawrence <quango@watervalley.net>
sub  1024g/3153BF5B 1999-08-17
sig        44703332 1999-08-17  Eric Gillespie, Jr. <epg@pobox.com>

Eric would like to have "epg" as his login on Debian machines, and have
this epg@debian.org address subscribed to debian-private.

Philosophy & Procedures

I asked Eric to explain the Social Contract, which he did to my
satisfaction.  Regarding his work on Debian he said:

    Aside from a few of my own apps i'd like to package for Debian (two
    GNOME applets) and the package set stuff i've developed at Progeny,
    i'm working on porting packages to the Hurd. Also, as  soon as we
    get our first release out the door, i'll be working on
    debian-installer. I also work with GNOME, and unless someone beats
    me to it, i'll be packaging Evolution. I'll also maintain other
    GNOME packages that need it (whether orphaned or simply not yet

I presented Eric with three questions regarding licenses, and I'm
satisfied with the answers.  He even said he would have consulted with
-legal regarding a specially confusing license (which, I must say, was
the cause of an interesting and rather informative discussion on -legal
some years ago)

Tasks & Skills

Eric works for Progeny.  He's active on the Progeny mailing list, and
also on -devel.  He has submitted useful bugs to the BTS.  Branden
Robinson had this to say regarding Eric's work at Progeny:

    Eric is Progeny's resident GNOME/GTK+ monkey.  He's also a Hurd
    bigot and has probably forgotten more opinions than I'll ever hold.
    :)  He busts his ass for us, and I figure he'll probably do the same
    for Debian.  He's dedicated.


I'm sure Eric will be a valuable addition to the Debian Developers'
list, and I recommend his acceptance.


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