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Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation']

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 12:07:57PM -0700, Tim Riker wrote:
> Thanx for the pointer to http://nm.debian.org/ though! I was not aware
> of that.
Ah, now your previous email makes more sense. I thought you wanted the
website to do more tracking.  Generally speaking NM are alllocated an
AM by first come first served.  You can see where you are in the queue
at the website. The people at the bottom of the list are next.

The checklist has been put there to help applicants as well as AMs.
Let's use you as an example.  You're about 38th or so in the queue.
Going on my and tbm's rough drop-out rate, we can say that at least
10 of those ahead of you will be bonuced pretty much immediately.
I'd say at least another 10-20 of those are not well prepared and will
slow the process down. I'm not making a statement about those particular
38, just what we've seen before.

So you can see, while you are prepared, prehaps even so well prepared
it takes a few days max to get through, you might have over 75% of the
people ahead of you just taking time up.

We're hoping the 4 so so check boxes on the apply screen will get that
75% or so down.

> The AM will hear this from email just by asking, but would it not help
> to choose an AM if this were in the NM database?
No, the AM chosen is basically the next one off the list. They might be
an amazingly well prepared applicant or someone who thought a
@debian.org email address is kewl, we cannot really tell.
Unfortunately is it a bit like going to the supermarket to buy some milk
and you are behind 3 people with overflowing trolleys and there is no
express lane.

  - Craig
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