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Final Report for Richard Atterer

Final Report for Richard Atterer (Short version)

Summary: Recommended. 


pub  1024D/888354F7 2000-10-13 Richard Atterer <richard@atterer.net>
sig        94C09C7F 2000-12-20  Peter Palfrader

Philosophy & Procedures

Richard has read and agrees to uphold the DSC/DFSG while doing
Debian-related work.  He also agrees to abide by the DMUP.

Richard was asked whether some licenses were non-free, and why.  He did
this to my satisfaction.

Tasks & Skills

Richard will maintain btyacc, WNPP: Bug#83946.

Richard is also working on a CD downloading kit which he would like to
see eventually replace the pseudo-image kit.

William Ono <wmono@debian.org>
PGP 2048R/93BA6AFD E3 64 C5 43 3E B3 2D A6    C6 D7 E3 45 90 24 78 DE

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