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Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation']


I don't mean to say I'm impatient, I'm not. I just meant to indicate
where I am in the procedure for the readers context.

Thanx for the pointer to http://nm.debian.org/ though! I was not aware
of that.

Would it be useful to allow NMs to append info to this record? It seems
to me that the more info the new AM has the better. Like if I could add
that Erik Andersen <andersee@debian.org> works with me and has agreed to
be by sponsor in both package and NM meanings. He has signed my GPG key

I am the maintainer of the BZFlag package and have agreement from Anand
to take over the Debian package once I'm a NM.

The AM will hear this from email just by asking, but would it not help
to choose an AM if this were in the NM database?

Again, I'm not impatient about this. I am just inserting suggestions for
possible inprovements to the process.

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 11:21:51PM -0700, Tim Riker wrote:
> > I'm still in the queue, but...
> >
> > The tracking could be improved. I filled out an application a while ago
> > so all I could fill in whas name and email. No AM has been assigned to
> > me yet, though Martin did contact me and we went through the checklist.
> Patience.  Now that you have been through the checklist, when you are
> assigned an AM, things should be very quick.  I'm sure there's stuff
> you can do in the meantime.
> > I get the impression that I'm just a name and email in some database I
> > can't see. I await some busy individual to a assign me to a busy AM who
> > will then ask me questions.
> Assigned automatically when you reach the top of the queue an there's
> an AM with a vacancy.
> > It would be nice if the potential maintainer could access a live
> > database record and add/update info like GPG keys, current releated
> > projects etc.
> Once you speak to the AM, you will just send this info to them in an
> email.
> > I think the database _should_ track folks that have not yet completed
> > everything in the check list. As long as they can come back and fill
> > things in, there is a gain from this.
> It does track every applicant, but with only minimal details.
> Applicants cannot change info, but they can view it.  See
> http://nm.debian.org/.
>    Julian

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