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feature request: reply-to should be set

When I receive mail from the FD informing me that a new applicant has
been assigned to me, only his e-mail address is included.  I would
like to have:

 1. his name included as well, e.g.
    'The Front Desk has assigned a new applicant to you with the email
    address of email@address.com'
    replaced with:
    'The Front Desk has assigned the following new applicant to you:
    Firstname Secondname <email@address.com>' (put this information
    on a new line, don't wrap it!)

 2. a proper Reply-To: header in the e-mail, so I can directly respond
    to the message, ie something like:
    Reply-To: Firstname Secondname <email@address.com>

Can that be done please?
Martin Michlmayr

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